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Back to the Sea

March 11, 2010

6 years – that is the amount of time which I have not kayaked for. To my yearning spirit of adventure, this may very well be equivalent to an eternity. Due to a series of events which almost broke me down emotionally, I had given up many things – kayaking being among them.

Recently, I’ve found a friend who is interested in trying out kayaking. Having company is a much-needed push for me to get back into the club, even if it means I have to go back all the way to 1-star. In fact, restarting from the basics may even benefit me, seeing how I probably lost my edge during this long period of stagnancy.

Why I’m afraid of going back to the club by myself is even beyond me – after all, I went through my 1, 2 and 3 star courses without any company. Instead, I made friends from scratch at the club, with the exception of the 4-star course, which I went through with Eddy and many people I already knew. Maybe I’m just too used to avoiding meeting strangers since NS. In any case, I’m going back to kayaking and I really look forward to it.